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Students that have taken multiple classes in the Technology Education Department and decide to futher themselfs either at the college level or in a future career in any of the STEM related fields qualifies them for the Wall of fame in Mr. Goubeaux's room.


Kyle Badyga

  United States Army - Horizontal Construction Engineering


Jennifer Farwell

  Northern Kentucky - Pre/Biomedical Engineering


Ethan Horvath

  Petroluem Engineering


Joshua Kubiak

  Kent State University - Game Development 


Brad Nerkowski

 Cleveland State University - Mechanical Engineering


Amari Ngunjiri

 University of Akron - Biomedical Engineering


Brendan Ward

 Cleveland State University - Biomedical Engineering



Zach Demetrades

  University of Akron - Mechanical Engineering


Nick Kasinec

  University of Akron - Mechanical Engineering


Cailey Kurkul

  Kent State University - Architecture


Kyle Vasulka

  University of Akron - Electrical Engineering

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