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Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School offers three levels of engineering CAD courses: Engineering CAD 1, Engineering CAD 2, and Advanced Engineering CAD. All three of these courses are designed to foster critical thinking, problem solving, STEM, 21st century skills, and hands on learning by using the latest technology and design process to solve real world problems. Students start by taking ENG CAD 1 where the ground work is set. Students learn basic engineering principals and how to create mechanical drawings using AutoCAD. ENG CAD 2 reinforces many concepts learned in ENG CAD 1 but students dig deeper. Also students move into using a 3D modeling software (Inventor) which enables them to 3D print and prototype ideas. Advanced ENG CAD is the highest level of engineering we offer and really challenges the dedicated student who loves problem solving or has future aspirations to have a career in the engineering, construction, or architecture fields. In this course students are really challenged to think outside the box and solve ever more intensive and open ended problems.  

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