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Engineering CAD I is for the beginning student who may have little or no experience in the engineering or design fields.  My objective is to teach every student the fundamentals of AutoCAD, sketching, geometric construction, drafting techniques, multi-view drawings, dimensioning, sectional views, and how they are used in basic engineering.  Students will be engaged with both hands on work and assignments completed on a computer. Students will learn the fundamentals of AutoCAD on the computer then later use these skills to solve real world problems and build real life solutions to the given problem. The industry standard program that we use in class is Autodesk's AutoCAD 2018. We use the latest software and technology to best prepare our students for what they are likely going to see in their future.


In Engineering CAD 1 there are 4 quarterly projects Maglev, Bridges, Earthquake Towers, and Airplanes. Developing skills in AutoCAD to aid design in the quarterly projects is mixed with other smaller activities between larger projects.

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