Thanks to Carla Calevich and the Foundations Grant the BBHHS Tech Ed Department was able to purchase two 3D Printers. The students use these 3D printers in Engineering CAD 2, ADV CAD, and the competition robotics teams use them as well. 

More now than ever before students are able to better visualize the creations they design. In Engineering CAD students design projects and solutions to a given problem on the computer. They now have the ability to 3D print a physical object of what they designed on the computer. From there students evaluate and test their designs to see if they truly accomplished their goal. 

Students are also taking more pride in their work than ever before. They now have a physical object they can take out of the classroom and show friends and family what they are capable of. 


3D printing (additive manufacturing) is the future of the way many products will be produced and we are so pleased that at BBHHS we are able to expose our students to what they will encounter in their future.



The Tech Ed. department enables students and staff of BBHHS to use the 3D printers in the CAD room. A print request must be submitted in the Google Sheets Doc below. Requests must be paid for when they are picked up and you are only charged for the material cost of the plastic. Student aids handle all print requests and will be filled in the order they are placed.  

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